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Intake Is Big Part Of Diet Change

You may read all about diet change and then miss the key element. Water.

Your body has a “can no longer handle blood sugar normally problem” so your kidneys get the last chance to save you from drowning in blood sugar damage.

They will have to have a lot of water to do that. If it is not there it will dehydrate your cells to dangerous levels to get it.

Diabetics have a constant thirst they cannot understand. The problem is, a diabetic takes nearly twice the water to operate a normal life than a non-diabetic. When you got older you lost some of your natural thirst systems, and are drinking less, when the very time you need to be drinking is near twice what you have likely been drinking.

Get on to this control observation report on Water intake.

Bright yellow Pee Is Your New Warning alarm. This indicates……. You are drastically short of body water.

It Is Essential in your lifestyle and diet change you learn to read and cooperate with what your Body signals you it needs.

Develop a habit, to drink nearly twice a much water as you plan, and drink higher levels habitually, increasing to where you never again ever have bright yellowish pee.

Your Diabetic Body Has Limited Ability To Handle What Is Now Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels and it Needs Every Bit Of Cooperation It can Get. You must get on to do this habitually without fail.

Night sweats are involved in this water shortage message system. Every time you get up to go to the bathroom at night drink another full glass of water.

You may think, I do not want to get up again so I won’t drink any water and stave off that. Your body will do it anyway and dehydrate your cells. Remember, you are now learning to work with handling your blood sugar automatically………You have to learn the habit of drinking MORE water automatically.

We recommend letting city water sit in pitchers 24 hours, to let chlorine escape before drinking. Chlorine in city water will kill your goldfish unless sits exposed to air for 24 hours to let chlorine escape. It also kills the friendly bacteria in your gut unless the chlorine disperses in 24 hours. This is giving candida fungal growths a chance to gain the upper hand because they love sugar and diabetics are a sugar garden for them. Bacteria restrain fungal growth. Almost every diabetic has a fungal growth somewhere in their body.

These friendly bacteria make Vitamin K which you will be short of if you kill them off so you need all those you can get.

Kidneys Can Pee It Out But Takes Tremendous Amount Of Extra Water.

If You Have NOT Drank Enough It Will Dehydrate Your Body To Dangerous Levels To Get It to Control Blood Sugar.

New Life Style Habit, Drink Twice As Much Water As You Think You Need. Every Two Hours.

Drink Full Huge Glasses, No More Sipping, those days are gone. No more drinking fountain sips.


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